GoGreen Tech Co., Ltd. : Taking the Lead for the Smart Healthcare System Development

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GoGreen Tech Co., Ltd. CEO Kim Moon-Seong

[Post21 News] “We focus our energy and resources on developing technologies for the future society where humans and the environment coexist,” says Kim Moon-Seong, Chief Executive Officer

GoGreen Tech Co., Ltd. (Moon-Seong Kim, CEO) is grabbing attention for the path it has walked. That is because it is leading the development of digital technologies by rolling out the smart healthcare system.

By using the Internet of Things (IoT), which is among the core technologies of the 4th industrial revolution, GoGreen Tech is focusing on developing the technologies which connect the external Internet network and the electronic devices and appliances within households, thereby drawing attention from the industry by providing various types of services.

Kim Moon-Seong, the Chief Executive Officer, has endeavored with his employees to develop a health care system which prioritizes health and safety beyond anything.

This is a kind of “home gateway” which relays the information exchange between the machines in a manner where the external Internet network and the various electronic products at home are connected with each other, and if compared to a human, it would be just like a smart housekeeper.

Unlike most general IoT technology companies, GoGreen Tech is focusing on the product development for the safety and health of residents by targeting single person households where the elderly or women live alone.

In June of last year, the Korea Veterans Health Service carried out a project to help improve the living environment for the men and women of national merit in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Korean War, at which time, GoGreen Tech Co., Ltd. drew attention by installing an emergency safety system for which the IoT technology was applied for the household selected as the 5000th “Happy Home of Love for the Nation.”

The relevant system is a highly advanced technology which enables a remote real-time confirmation of the health status of the aged men and women of national merit, and also automatically calls on the emergency center if there is an issue with the bio rhythm, such as breathing or pulse. Kim Moon-Seong, the CEO, said

“It was absolutely rewarding for us to be able to use the technology developed with much passion an dedication of our employees for the safety of the men and women of national merit,” and also said, “In the future society to come, the number of single person households such as the elderly and women will gradually increase, which turned out to be an opportunity for us to focus on the smart healthcare products which help can protect the people’s health and safety.”

The smart healthcare system can not only check on the outside weather or temperature, but also the temperature or humidity, among others, inside of home at any time. Furthermore, it can also recognize bio sensors with the radar technology, and detect the heart rate and respiration, among others. In the case of an emergency, the 911 rescue squad may be called upon by the voice or button, and all sensors inside of the house are connected with the nearest public health center. Hence, on top of dealing with health issues, a woman or an elderly living alone can promptly call for help if any of them is in danger such as robbery.

Urban landscape improved via eco-friendly tree type poles

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, “environment” has become indispensable as a topic to discuss in any field of the society. Kim Moon-Seong, the CEO, utilized the IoT technologies to create a tree-type multi-pole for a harmonized coexistence of the humans and the nature. A pole simply means a streetlights or a telecommunications pole, and the products produced by this company certain aesthetics to the general streetlights or telecommunications poles.

The products made by attaching the actual tree branches to the streetlights or telecommunications poles are not only eco-friendly, but also may be used for various purposes, including the streetlight poles, security light poles, and the garden light poles.

The luminescent poles which may be identified even at night are primarily used for fountains, and they also have a function of controlling the brightness of lighting or controlling the water. The mobile pole offers the advantage of ease with which it may be installed and retrieved.

Out of approximately 70 some employees working at this company, over 20% of them have worked for 10 years or longer. Serving for 20 years now, Director Kwon Hyeong-Shik remarked, “I met Mr. Kim for the first time when I was in college.

I joined Mr. Kim’s company immediately following the graduation, and have been working here until now,” and, "Two decades have passed already, and I will continue to walk alongside the history of our company moving forward." General Manager Lee Kyeong-Beom, who have served for 17 years now, also expressed his pride.

“Mr. Kim has pioneered a path which others have not in pure silence,” and , “He has created a blue ocean with such a never ending, challenging spirit. I, too, will do everything I can to successfully achieve the vision of our company in the future.”

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